Players - One or Two Musicians

This experience suits a singer that also plays an instrument such as  guitar/keyboard/piano and wants to record either their own songs or that favourite cover. 

You needn't be on your own, why not bring a friend as well, as this packages caters for up to two people.

We can record your tracks and give advice and help on how to polish them into great sounding finished articles. 

How many tracks you get done depends on how well your songs are completed rehearsed before you come. You may wish to come with the finshed article and get a few tracks down or something a little more sketchy and allow some time for exerimentation. 

We have some great bits of gear for hire including: top quality synths and boutique guitars.

      Roland Juno Stage Synth

You will be fully involved in the whole process including the final mix. We may defer burning of the CD so as not to eat into your time. Your finished CDs will be ready to pick up within 48 hours.

You will be given 4 copies of your CD with printed artwork if required. We can either take a picture on the day or you can bring your own artwork/logo etc.

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