The Band Experience

Need a quick demo or a fully produced multi track recording - we can do them all.

This experice allows for bands of up to five people including a drummer to record your own original music and develop it into professional sounding finished article.

From instrument setup, mic positioning and on to the actual recording our experienced staff will guide you through the recording process.

Once we have all the material laid down we can begin the mixing process. Here we can add that studio magic that takes your tracks to another level. Once mastered we will burn your CD for whatever you require: getting gigs, uploading to a website/soundcloud or presenting to prospective record companies.

The Process

Once you have arrived we will give you an intial tour before talking through your requirements. We can help you set up your equipment and if required you can use some of ours (small additional charge for some items).

Drums in particular require time consuming, expert microphone positioning. If you prefer you can use our Premier Kit as we already have the mics ready and in poistion. This will save some time for you. If you wish to bring your own kit that is of course no problem at all. 

We can record the whole band live, or each instrument individually. The choice is yours.

Some of the equipment on-site that you can use:

  • Vintage Premier Drum Kit 
  • Roland Juno Stage Synth (£10/day)
  • Rickenbacker 12 String Guitar (£10/day)
  • Roland A500 Pro MIDI Controller 
  • Akai MPC Renaissance Sampler
  • Akai MINIAK Synth
  • Roland SH-32
  • Novation Super Bass Rack Synth
  • Korg Monotribe
  • Roland TD11KV Digital Drum Kit (£10/Day)
  • Roland TD4-KP Digital Drum Kit
  • Roland Juno GI
  • Korg Kassilator Pro
  • Gibson J-35E Vintage Acoustic
  • Roland Bass Cube 120XL
  • PRS SE 30W All Valve Combo
  • Roland Jazz Chorus JC120
  • Meinl Congas
  • Roland BK-5 Keyboard
  • Roland F120 Digital Piano

More being added all the time

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